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The leader’s image must be built before a PR crisis occurs!

Yes, a leader’s image must be built before a PR crisis occurs. Otherwise, the consequences of the crisis can lead to the destruction of the reputation. Also, the leader must be seen as an authentic leader.


The leader’s image : an authentic leader

A PR crisis will involve a lot of negative emotions. Fear, doubt, distrust…just some examples of what people might feel during a PR crisis. And these emotions will influence people’s perceptions and actions.

The main purpose of a Crisis Management strategy is to alleviate these emotions. And the only one who can do this is the company’s leader. Yes, people ( clients, employees, partners ) are upset with the company, but the only person what can calm things down is the leader. There is one detail that you should wrap your mind around : the leader must be seen as an authentic leader in those hard moments.


People trust only a person that they know

Yes, people trust only a person that they know. That’s why it is very important for our leader to be well known before a PR crisis occurs. Values, principles, ideas, plans, thoughts are some ingredients that will create the image of a real leader.

During a PR crisis, the leader needs to step up. He needs to go out there and communicate. He needs to explain, offer solutions and directions. But will I trust you if I don’t know who you are ? Of course not. Also, time is not our friend. Everything moves so fast during a PR crisis…There is no time for building trust during those intense moments.

That’s why you need be seen as a leader before a PR crisis strikes.

Here are a couple of directions :
  1. External communication. You need a few personalized messages and a plan that you can use and rely on again and again. You could use Mass Media, Social Media, Public Speaking or networking. It doesn’t matter what channel you choose, as long as you communicate continually.
  2. Internal communication. You must win the hearts of your employees. You need to be friendly, but strong. You need to communicate with your colleagues, without getting too involved in the micromanagement.
  3. Actions and decisions. You need to be careful of what you do. You need to “walk the talk”. Otherwise, everything will be for nothing.

The most important part here is the strategy. The strategy will help you understand the public, choose the right messages and create the perfect plan. Including actions and decision. Strategy, strategy, and again…strategy.


Let me help you !

The objectives of my work are:

  1. Managing PR crises : strategy and advising during implementation
  2. Improving leadership : advising
  3. Improving communication ( internal and external ) : strategy and advising during implementation

Please take a look here and let me know if I can help you.


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