7 reasons why you should work with a strategic PR consultant

A strategic PR consultant will :


  1. Help you build a customized strategy
  2. Offer specialized help
  3. Come with fresh eyes
  4. Help you improve communication skills
  5. Advice you in everything you do or say
  6. Help you build and implement a customized plan
  7. Make you feel safe


Over the past 6 years, I’ve consulted leaders and boards from different industries: capital markets, logistics, IT, HR, food, education, fintech or gambling. For more details, please follow me on LinkedIn.

As a strategic PR consultant, I help leaders to influence public opinion and : 

Manage PR crises 


Improve leadership, personal image and reputation, build strategies and communicate convincingly ( internally and externally )


Fix other kinds of PR problems 

How I do it : 

Option 1 :

I will be your advisor, your coach. We will work for a minimum 90 days program, we will meet ( online or face2face ) twice a month and we will be in permanent contact via email, messages or phone. 


Option 2 :

I will be your consultant and much more. We will work for a minimum 90 days program and I will actively help you build the right strategy, choose the right messages and create a customized plan. We will meet multiple times in the first month, until the strategy will be ready. I will guide you for implementation and we will be in permanent contact via email, messages or phone.

Option 3 ( Crisis Management ) :

During a PR crisis, we will work as long as it will be necessary. We will build the strategy and I will advice you during implementation process. Once the crisis will be over, we will talk about rebuilding the reputation. 


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