Radu Turcescu | Services and clients
Crisis Management strategist, advisor and trainer. I can help you understand risks, prepare the organisation and create a bulletproof image that will withstand the market and the PR crises.
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Some of Radu’s clients…

Advisory, workshops and trainings

Crisis Management ( #CrisisPrepared )

A PR crisis can hit in any moment and, probably, when we least expect them. From small to big crises, a negative event can influence your company’s productivity, credibility and trust with stakeholders. You can call me anytime and we will fix the problem together. Using effective strategy and tactics, we will minimize the negative impact and save the company’s reputation. Just a small tip : contact as soon as possible…timing is crucial and a late response can be fatal.



Crisis Prevention and Preparedness ( #CrisisPrepared )

“In this era, the first thing a CEO must understand is that a PR crisis can hit when he least expect it.” – Radu Turcescu

I am not talking just about big crises. From customer / employees complaints that go online, to internal issues or procedures that frustrate customers…there are different factors that can influence your reputation. The costs for prevention are just a small part of the losses that can appear if you don’t prepare.

If you ask yourself, when is the best time to contact me, I will tell you in just one word : NOW. You never know what might happen tomorrow. I will be your committed partner and I will help you prevent and prepare for all types of PR crises.

There are two types of factors that can ruin your reputation : internal and external. We will analyse them both and create plans for each of them.



Crisis Management Trainings and Workshops  ( #peoplePRready )

“You simply cannot prepare in that moment. You need to know what you have to say and how…” – Radu Turcescu

Imagine that your employees will understand how they can influence the image and the perception. They will understand the PR direction and they will be careful on what they do or say in order to avoid PR problems.

Imagine that your key-employees will develop important Crisis Management skills. How will this influence crisis prevention and response ?

Imagine you need to offer an interview during a crisis and you know exactly what you should say and how. How will this influence crisis response ?

You simply cannot say “I will see what I will do or say in that moment..” There is no time and a simple mistake will ruin..will destroy your reputation. Give me a call and I will train you on this topics. We just need couple of days…



Reputation Management and “Big Picture” Public Relations Strategy  ( #BulletproofIMAGE )

“Maybe the most important think you should do is to protect your reputation…” – Radu Turcescu

We are not building a great business image and a positive perception just for helping our organisation to grow. On short-term, the best result is to protect the reputation. Second, that positive perception and that business relationship you will have with all types of public will help you achieve your main objectives.

First, we will develop some key messages, perfectly adapted to your key public. From there, we will create a communication plan, perfectly adapted to your organisation.

Second, we will analyse all the actions from all the departments to make sure we “walk the talk”.

In fact, the reputation is build not only by PR actions, but by what we DO and SAY. Online and offline.
Give me a call and I can help you create the perfect strategy and train your team on communication, reputation management and perception.



Executive Presence ( #BulletproofIMAGE )

“People will always look for leaders to follow..Is that simple..”

Strongly connected with “Big Picture” Public Relations Strategy, this service will help you be the voice of the most important messages. Because strong emotions exist between people. Because people will trust a company when they see a face they admire. Because you can build a real business relationship only if you step forward, represent your company and interact with your public.

Give me a call and we will take care of your online and offline presence, so that people will respect and follow your opinions.

Being #PRready ...

#PRready = #CrisisPrepared + #bulletproofIMAGE + #peoplePRready

#PRready Strategy Model

1.The Audit


Using interviews, I will analyse what is going on and create a special report for you. I will talk with the most important actors in order to get as many perspectives as I can.

2.The understanding


Using the report, we will discuss implications, risks and opportunities.

3.The scenarios / The direction


Using couple of workshops, we will develop the worst scenarios that can affect our image and the right direction for our future image.

4.The plans


Using couple of meetings, we will develop plans with concrete steps for both, worst scenarios and new PR direction.

5.The internal implementation 


We will train the employees from a PR perspective. They will understand the new PR direction, their role in Crisis Preparedness and they will develop the right skills.

Public Speaking

“Public speaking is, probably, the most important part of Public Relations..” – Radu Turcescu

Radu was a professional public speaker for 2 years, talking about reputation, image or communication in front of entrepreneurs from Romania. This experience helped him understand how to create the perfect message and what you need to be a great public speaker. Give me a call, we will work on your speech, on your presentation and we will develop your public speaking skills. This is, by far, the most important part of public relations. Especially if we talk about crisis management, when everybody will be watching you.



Media Training

“It’s not just about offering an interview, it’s about offering the right interview…” – Radu Turcescu

Going hand-in-hand with “Big Picture” Public Relations Strategy, we need to think at Mass Media as an important communication channel, but not the end of the line. Our aim is not just to be there. If we want to create a positive perception or to deal with a PR crisis, we need to make sure that our public will get the right messages, even if we use Mass Media as a vehicle.

Give me a call and I will coach you on how to deal with interviews in both, peace time or PR crisis time.



Retainers, work with me as a retainer

A retainer fee is a compensation payed to me in exchange for access to me and to my talents for a very specified interval. Basically, I will be next to you on each step ( under clear conditions ) and advise you on implementation or other topics as reputation, business image, business relationship or communication.

Do you have questions for me ? Maybe this page will help you find your answers.


Why ? Because… “now “public opinion” stood out as a force that must be managed, and not through clever guesswork but by experts trained to do that all-important job.”​ – Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Creator of “Crisis and Credibility” (Udemy Online Program ), Radu Turcescu is a strategist, speaker and advisor on crisis management and preparedness. Radu believes that the relationship between an executive and the public ( clients, employees, partners etc ) can influence the company, and even the industry.

As a strategic advisor and speaker, Radu has worked with executives, financial firms, technology companies, logistics organisations and many others, helping them understand danger, protect the reputation and create a positive perception, that will withstand any kind of PR crisis. From 2014 to 2016, Radu was a professional speaker, organising seminars and talking about reputation to entrepreneurs from Romania.

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