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Be careful 

Crisis Preparedness Program

“In this era, the first thing a CEO must understand is that a PR crisis can hit when he least expect it.” – Radu Turcescu
I am not talking just about big crises. From customer / employees complaints that go online, to internal issues or procedures that frustrate customers…there are different factors that can influence your reputation. The costs for prevention are just a small part of the losses that can appear if you are not prepared.
If you ask yourself, when is the best time to contact me, I will tell you in just one word : NOW. You never know what might happen tomorrow. I will be your committed partner and I will help you prevent and prepare for all types of PR crises.
There are two types of factors that can ruin your reputation : internal and external. We will analyse them both and create plans for each of them.
  • Details

    • The program will last 3 to 6 months, depending on your context.
    • I will come to your office from time to time. We will be in permanent contact during the program.
    • We will create scenarios and plans for each one of them.
    • We will prepare the spokesperson.
    • We will eliminate what could go wrong.
    • At the end of the program, you will receive a complete strategy that will help you deal with potential PR crises.


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Am o criză de PRAm o problemă de reputație. Oamenii vorbesc despre mine în mediul online.Am un domeniu sensibil și am nevoie de protecțieAm avut o problemă de reputație și vreau să evit astfel de situații în viitorPercepția generală despre domeniul nostru de activitate este negativă.Am încercat TOT, dar clienții tot nu înțeleg ce facem.Nu avem o imagine potrivită.Suntem prezenți, dar ceva lipseșteDorim workshop-ul de introducere în Crisis ManagementNiciuna de mai sus, voi descrie singur.