Radu Turcescu | Public Speaking
Crisis Management strategist, advisor and trainer. I can help you understand risks, prepare the organisation and create a bulletproof image that will withstand the market and the PR crises.
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Why is Radu a great public speaker

Radu is the first romanian public speaker who talked about business image, reputation and communication. For 2 years, he had organised free PR seminars for entrepreneurs from Romania. This way, Radu helped over 4000 people to protect the most valuable asset : reputation.

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I have an ongoing PR crisisI have a reputation problem. People are talking about me in blogs and Social MediaI have a sensitive business line and I need protectionI had a reputation problem and I want to avoid other issues in the futureThe general perception regarding our business line is negativeWe tried everything, but the clients still don't understand what we doWe don't have a business imageWe are out there, but we want something differentWe need our people to understand PRNone of those, I will describe it myself