The internet is the biggest threat to reputation!

Internet is a threat to reputation!

In Romania, a well-known supermarket was involved in a PR crisis because of some handicap parking spots. An old man and woman, both handicapped, parked their cars in the wrong places and had their wheels blocked. A post on Facebook was enough for the crisis to strike. The problem is that the Internet is a real threat to reputation.

Let me explain why internet is a threat! 

  1. Basically, it’s much easier for a PR crisis to strike on Social Media. That’s because the internet offered everyone a voice. A simple emotional post can create a pretty big PR crisis. This is why we need to look at PR from a modern point of view. The company’s leader should be much more involved in PR. Why ? Because the internet is a threat to reputation! 
  2. A PR crisis has a longer life on Social Media. Traditional media is much more influenced by speed. Journalists will run from one topic to another faster than Social Media. On Facebook, for instance, everything is different. Every single like share or comment will ”help” the crisis’s life. Again, we need to look at PR from a modern perspective.
  3. Also, nothing disappears completely from the internet.

Basically, we are living in a big unknown: we don’t know when a crisis will strike, it’s intensity and duration. Also, we have no idea when the consequences will ”arrive”. That’s why we need to think at PR from a modern perspective and to eliminate the unknown.


How can we eliminate the unknown? 

First, get involved in your PR. As a company leader, your image counts more than you imagine.

Second, you and your team must understand all the PR risks. What can go wrong in your company ?

Third, you need to know how to manage a PR crisis. You can’t risk your reputation. You need to get involved. You can’t expect the reputation to be saved by your communication department.

Last, you need to ask for help from specialized consultants when you have a problem. This step can really save you and your company. Don’t forget : internet is a threat to reputation!




The objectives of my work are:

  1. Managing PR crises : strategy and advising during implementation
  2. Improving leadership : advising
  3. Improving communication ( internal and external ) : strategy and advising during implementation

Please take a look here and let me know if I can help you.  



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Internet is a threat to reputation!

Internet is a threat to reputation!


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