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If it’s urgent…

…check these 2 links !

Let's fix this ! - CRISIS MANAGEMENT

Let's fix this ! - CRISIS MANAGEMENT

When something bad happens, you need a strategist specialised in PR crises to help you fix the problem. Find more HERE.

Do it right - Personal Advising

Do it right - Personal Advising

When your business is strongly connected to your reputation, when you constantly interact with key public, you need a strategist that will guide you through the process. Find more HERE.

Or you can check what else I can do for you…


The online program that will help you PROTECT your most valuable asset : REPUTATION



Radu brings his experience and talent in helping entrepreneurs and executives PROTECT the REPUTATION in an engaging, fun and interactive way.


Strategic advisor

Radu has worked with executives and entrepreneurs, helping them understand the public and take the best decisions in order to manage PR disasters, maintain a solid reputation and a strong relationship with the key public.

Radu can help you by …

Free advices

Radu is offering everyday, via blog and LinkedIn, a series of free advices that will help you protect the reputation.

Speaking at your event

Radu can speak at your event about reputation, business image, perception or communication


Radu can offer different kind of services that will help you protect the reputation and create the perfect PR strategies


Why ? Because… „now “public opinion” stood out as a force that must be managed, and not through clever guesswork but by experts trained to do that all-important job.”​ – Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Creator of „Crisis and Credibility” (Udemy Online Program ), Radu Turcescu is a strategist, speaker and advisor on crisis management and preparedness. Radu believes that the relationship between an executive and the public ( clients, employees, partners etc ) can influence the company, and even the industry.

As a strategic advisor and speaker, Radu has worked with executives, financial firms, technology companies, logistics organisations and many others, helping them understand danger, protect the reputation and create a positive perception, that will withstand any kind of PR crisis. From 2014 to 2016, Radu was a professional speaker, organising seminars and talking about reputation to entrepreneurs from Romania.

  • Ce riscuri de PR există ? În primul rând, o criză de PR poate izbucni din orice, oricând. Aceasta este principala conștientizare a programului ”Introducere în Crisis Management”.  Cum foarte bine spunea un client vineri, ”înțelegând că există riscuri de PR ne va ajuta să......

  • 3 workshop-uri interne, o experiență încredibilă 3 workshop-uri interne, perfect personalizate pentru fiecare tip de companie sau domeniu de activitate. Despre acest lucru e vorba în programul ”Introducere în Crisis Management” La aceste workshop-uri interne de criză poate participa oricine din organizație, începând cu liderul și continuând......

  • Pregătirea echipei pentru crize De multe ori am fost întrebat cât de necesar este un program de criză și cât de importantă este pregătirea echipei pentru crize de PR.  Până să răspund la această întrebare și să ofer un motiv foarte puternic, pregătirea echipei pentru......

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