And what if you are guilty… ?


Let’s take a look at the next scenario :
  • You are a leader in your field of expertise.
  • You are either a public person, either running a company
  • You are facing some problems and a PR crisis
  • Unfortunately, you are guilty or somehow guilty
  • People, having their doubts, are thinking to step away from you ( or your company )
  • Journalists are harassing you with questions and interviews
  • Your reputation is in danger of being completely destroyed
  • Everyone wants answers, but you still need some extra information



How would you handle this situation?



Let me give you some pieces of advice:
  1. You need to say something. People will turn to those who talk. So you have to say something. Acknowledge the situation, admit the problem, offer your apologies and promise a more complete answer in a couple of days. If it’s the case, make sure everyone will know that you are willing to work with authorities. Make sure you will offer an answer in 72 hours top. Top of the top, if I may say so.
  2. Find everything! What happened ? Where was the problem? Why are you in a crisis?
  3. After you have gathered all the data, you can build the right strategy and offer a proper response. You will need the right message: explain what happened ( be honest and transparent ) and offer concrete solutions to avoid a similar situation in the future. Don’t forget about proof. Words are nothing without action. This is the most important step. You can apologize all day long. If you can’t prove change, all will be for nothing.
  4. Keep using the same message again and again until the crisis stops.


Remember this: A Crisis Management Strategy is about protecting your reputation. It’s not about saying anything, it’s about saying and doing the right things! 



The objectives of my work are:

  1. Managing PR crises : strategy and advising during implementation
  2. Improving leadership : advising
  3. Improving communication ( internal and external ) : strategy and advising during implementation

Please take a look here and let me know if I can help you.  



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