Povestind despre protejarea reputației

A leader during a PR crisis !

We all hate the unknown! And from a PR perspective, it’s all about the unknown. For instance, we can’t tell when a crisis is going to hit us. It can be tomorrow, it can be next year. It’s all about the unknown. And we hate the unknown!


An interesting day…

I was involved in some pretty big crises and, from my experience, I can say what a leader should do during a PR crisis. I will always remember that particular day. I was driving home ( from one city to another ) when a GM called me, asking for help. It was about some bad news regarding their main product : smoked salmon. I called my fiancée, explained the situation and headed to Bucharest. Next day, 9 am, I was in the GM’s office, facing an incredible PR crises. 10 hours later, I was happy. The crisis was fixed and I was driving back home. They thanked me, saying it would have been hard doing it by themselves. And they were right…


Let’s take a look : 


  1. Acknowledge you are facing a PR crisis. It’s not easy, but we can’t fix a problem if we don’t admit we have one.
  2. Call a meeting. The most important people in the organization must be there. You all have to agree  that you are facing a PR crisis.
  3. Call a specialized strategist. Yes, it’s incredibly important to work with a specialized consultant when you deal with a PR crisis. It’s like going to the doctor. If your head still hurts after 3 days of pills, go visit a specialist.
  4. Build the strategy. Work with the consultant, work with the internal experts, work with the people involved. The idea is to build a strategy as soon as possible.It will probably have 3-4 stages, but it doesn’t matter. Just build it if you want to save the company.
  5. Be there, be present. You need to get involved in the implementation process. Ask for details, for updates, be and act like a leader.
  6. Step forward. I hate seeing a press release signed “The company X”. During a crisis, people are expecting to see a person. They need to be calmed down and the only way I know is for you to step forward. It is all about taking responsibility. (*)
  7. Make a list with what can go wrong in the future and try to avoid other PR crises.

We all talk about leadership. Well, this is the perfect time to demonstrate that you are a leader. Not just on paper…

Because in PR is all about the unknown. The unknown scares us, until we hear a leader saying :”It will be fine !”

(*) For this to work at a maximum speed, you should invest in your personal image before a PR crisis strikes. The good news is that I can help you with a concrete, customized and easy-to-follow strategy that will help you overcome PR disasters and influence public opinion. Take a look.


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