Radu Turcescu - Consultant strategic de imagine, consultanta strategie
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Crisis & Credibility

The online program that will help you PROTECT your most valuable asset : REPUTATION





Radu brings his experience and talent in helping entrepreneurs and executives PROTECT the REPUTATION in an engaging, fun and interactive way.



Radu has worked with executives and entrepreneurs, helping them understand the public and take the best decisions in order to manage PR disasters, maintain a solid reputation and a strong relationship with the key public.


Radu is writing on his blog and is a contributor for Wall-Street.ro.



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Take a look at some of my projects


Helping during a PR Crisis is something I do with lot of passion and dedication. In this section you will find some interesting crises I had the privilege to work at.







The relationship with the consultant it’s a special one : it can be very simple or very complicated. You need to be on the same page with the consultant and you need to find the right consultant for you and your needs.


I am specialised in Crisis Management ( Fixing & Preparing ), in protecting the reputation and in changing perceptions.

Close Relationship

I prefer to work with fewer clients, but to offer them 100% of my time, knowledge and experience.

Social Science

I think at PR as a social science. At the end of the day, it’s very important to understand the public and to generate the right emotions.


I am a consultant. So my job is to offer strategic advices and abilities that will help you achieve your objective.

Easy going

It’s very easy for me to adapt to different kind of situations, people or teams.

Born Talent

It’s very easy for me to understand and explain the situation, to build strategies and to offer concrete advices. It’s all about talent.

W hy ? Because… “now “public opinion” stood out as a force that must be managed, and not through clever guesswork but by experts trained to do that all-important job.”​ – Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Creator of “Crisis and Credibility” (Udemy Online Program ), Radu Turcescu is a strategist, speaker and advisor on crisis management and preparedness. Radu believes that the relationship between an executive and the public ( clients, employees, partners etc ) can influence the company, and even the industry.

As a strategic advisor and speaker, Radu has worked with executives, financial firms, technology companies, logistics organisations and many others, helping them understand danger, protect the reputation and create a positive perception, that will withstand any kind of PR crisis. From 2014 to 2016, Radu was a professional speaker, organising seminars and talking about reputation to entrepreneurs from Romania. Read the full story HERE.