Radu Turcescu | Public Speaking
Consiliere, training și coaching în relatii publice, imagine, reputatie. Acompaniez antreprenori si executivi sa-si gestioneze imaginea si reputatia, prin sedinte de consiliere si training-uri provocatoare, exploratoare si personalizate.
consiliere relatii publice, comunicare, imagine, reputatie, comunicare de criza, criza de imagine, branding, personal branding, executive branding, media relations, relatia cu mass media, public speaking, storytelling, coaching
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Why is Radu a great public speaker

Radu is the first romanian public speaker who talked about business image, reputation and communication. For 2 years, he had organised free PR seminars for entrepreneurs from Romania. This way, Radu helped over 4000 people to protect the most valuable asset : reputation.

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